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My theory on Amanda’s character in Sherlock S3

Ok, so we all know Amanda Abbington is going to play an important character in Sherlock S3 and many of us wouldn’t be surprised if she actually turned out to be Mary Morstan, right? 

Now, some say she could always be Moran? Well yes, I guess it’s possible. A bit weird, but possible. Moriarty is dead, Moran wants revenge.

But wouldn’t all of this be too obvious? Lets not forget it’s Gatiss and Moffat we’re talking about… so there must be a trick somewhere too. At least that’s what I think (remember when they tricked us into believing Mycroft was Moriarty?).

So I’ve been thinking… what if she’s neither Moran nor Mary? What if she’s actually *drum roll* Harry Watson?
I mean, it is possible too. We all know John is suffering a lot with Sherlock’s death and being his sister, even if their relationship wasn’t as good before, she could be supporting him now thus bringing them closer and improving their relationship. 

Well, I don’t know, but this is what I think right now. As far as we know, she could be neither.
Ever since S2 ended I’ve been wishing for Harry to show up and I actually came up with a plot for a fic xD
And even though I ship Johnlock, if she turned out to be Mary, I’d be very much ok with it. I’ve sold my soul to Moftiss anyway, what can I do.  


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"The Moffat Complex"

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So… yeah. I made a song about Steven Moffat. In case I don’t sing clear enough (as it happens because my accent mutates when I’m singing), I leave you the lyrics here.

My Name Is Steven Moffat

Things don’t have to make any sense

Or at least that’s what they taught me

I write shows full of suspense

Time traveling and gay detectives in 221B

Don’t you dare blink

No, don’t cover your face

I ended your ability to think

I will burn your heart in my fireplace

My name is Steven Moffat

There’s nothing as twisted as my plot lines

Do you think that I’m deranged?

I don’t care - I’ll blow the fandom’s minds

I wrote a another story

I’ll include the death of a member of the cast

Why do I keep killing Rory?

That’s a question that should never be asked

It’s not like I don’t bear in mind my audience

I like watching their IQ lowering whole streets

I just need a little bit of silence

I bet they didn’t expect this after Russell T Davies

My name is Steven Moffat

There’s nothing as twisted as my plot lines

Do you think that I’m deranged?

I don’t care - I’ll blow the fandom’s minds, again

… and again.

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That horrible moment when you’ve watched the first season of Sherlock and all you want to do is scream profanities at Moffat and then kiss him for such brilliance.

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